Monday, June 18, 2007

Yamaha to bring R1 and MT-01 in INDIA

Yamaha Motor India (YMI) has decided to launch there 1000cc YZF-R1 and 1670cc MT-01 Superbikes in INDIA this year. The company will import these ‘superbikes’ making it among first bike makers in the country to take advantage of the government’s recent announcement to allow the import of bikes over 800cc.

2007 Yamaha R1

The R1 has already been homologated and approved by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), and sales are expected to start once the company receives the first lot of imports from YMI’s parent. Although no time has been specified for the imports, YMI’s CEO & Managing Director, Tomotaka Ishikawa said efforts are being made to introduce the bike at the earliest.

"The marketing team at Yamaha Motor India had an aggressive target for the R1, but I cut that into half. These bikes are not meant for business but to create an image," Ishikawa said. He stopped short of committing any numbers, but said "it could be a few dozens."

Yamaha MT 01

The other big bike, MT-01, is currently under homologation at ARAI. The only issue as of now is the availability of the bike for sale in India. Production of the MT-01 has been wrapped up in Japan, and the company is now looking to source it from Yamaha’s operations in the US and Europe.