Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Vroom Service

With its motorcycle theme and retro music, Staying Alive is where Harley lovers can bite into a Mexican wrap and feel right at home

A pair of Harley-Davidsons seem ready to vroom. Steel chains snake through the floor, bike tyres hang from the ceiling and helmets sneer from the walls — you will mistake the place for a flashy motorbike showroom. That is until you realise that the Harleys are fakes and see some Americans tapping their feet to retro music and munching some nachos. The 3,000-sq-ft place, which occupies a corner of the second floor of Gurgaon’s DT Mega Mall, is Staying Alive, a motorcycle-themed lounge-cum-diner that takes its name from a 1983 John Travolta movie.

We sat on bike seats that made for bar chairs and checked out the menu. The dishes were mostly Mexican. There was Corn Chips Bonanza (Rs 200), a platter of homemade, crispy nachos, slivers of vegetables and cheese, topped with a scoop of sour cream. The nachos tasted delicious with sour cream and we didn’t really miss the tangy salsa. Grilled guacamole chicken chunks can be added to it for Rs 35. Country Wraps (Rs 250) had a cheese filling tossed with spices. Mexican Chilli Rellenos (Rs 350, stuffed chillies) are a must-try. The dish comes with a helping of saffron-tinged rice layered with minced meat that is soaked in salsa flavours.

There are also an assortment of pastas (Rs 300), and chicken kebabs (Rs 245) that are grilled and not skewered. The bar doles out the regular cocktails, but you can ask for a peach frappe (Rs 110) or the mocktail of the day.

If you expected the owner to be a grungy, tattooed biker, you are in for a surprise when you meet 37-year-old Kavita Mohindroo, a mother of three. “I wanted a bike theme for the place since we lack one in the city. In fact, I’ve seen something similar only in Chennai,” says Mohindroo, who plans to open an outlet in Delhi next.

Meal for two: Rs 1,500, plus taxes
Contact: 95124-4380352

Source:- Cities.expressindia