Saturday, June 23, 2007

Chrome introduces urban riding shoes line

Chrome, a pioneer of messenger bags and urban riding clothing for the last 14 years, enters the footwear category with the introduction a new shoe model called the Chrome "Milo" that is designed to meet the needs of urban bicycling.

The Chrome Milo features a vulcanized multi-directional, natural rubber sole for exceptional grip and durability; loose-lined stitching for ventilation and to reduce the amount of glue used; an injection-molded heel "slam pad" for optimal heel cushion and high impact absorption; an a-symmetrical toe wrap that protects high wear areas; and a custom-designed foot bed for heat transfer and comfort.

According to Mark Falvai, co-founder of Chrome, "Outside of the graphics, there's very little thought that goes into most slip-ons. Most brands just use off-the-shelf molds from factory show-rooms."

"There's been little innovation in the construction of slip-ons. We really wanted to do something different and build a new kind of urban shoe. One with style but more importantly one that makes your feet feel good."

Chrome committed to design shoes from the ground up: no pre-set molds, no secondary factories, no crappy materials, no compromises, period. Over the last year, Chrome tested and tweaked the construction of the Milo to ensure ultimate comfort and durability.

"From the beginnings of BMX to the present urban bike culture, Chrome has been raised on Vans. After buying our 300th pair, we started to think thatthe old classic was in need of an update. We made these shoes for all the people working in bike shops, coffee joints, and record stores -- people who bike around the city and then work on their feet all day. There's a lot more to come, this is just the beginning." said Chrome GM, Brian Jennings.

Source:- Fibre2fashion