Thursday, June 21, 2007

XFX Introduces Geforce 8600 GT 'Fata1ty' in India

XFX in conjunction with Fata1ty has introduced 8600 GT 'Fatal1ty' for the Indian gamers. The 8600 GT succeeds the 7600 GT, which enjoyed a lot of success with its mid-range pricing and great performence.

"This is another great graphics card that the Fatal1ty brand can be proud of," says Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel. "The initial card from XFX became wildly popular due to the unique cooling technology and this card utilizes the same feature."

One of the card’s unique features is its Silent But Deadly (SBD) cooling technology. This was created to dissipate heat without the need of a fan resulting in an effective cooling system. This new system is very quiet and since air and dust are not forced through the heatsink, helps eliminate clogged heat sinks, which can cause overheating.

XFX 8600 Fata1ty is now available along with a 3 year warranty at a suggested end user price of Rs. 10,000.