Sunday, June 17, 2007

TVS Motors's 'Women on Wheels'

After wooing male buyers for many years, women have emerged the favourite with two-wheeler companies in India. Data suggests that ungeared scooters, driven by women, are showing faster rate of growth than motorcycles. Two-wheeler manufacturers believe that the future growth will come from women. The reason of their optimism is the very low penetration of two wheelers amongst women and therefore the large potential of growth. While 31% males drive two wheelers, only 2 % women drive two wheelers in India.

Going a step further, TVS Motors, which owns TVS Scooty, has decided to offer two-wheeler training to around one lakh young women in over 100 towns in the country. The project titled 'Women on Wheels' (WOW) will involve training of women by women trainers. Scooty is the leader with more than 70% market share in the light scooter category.

TVS Scooty pep+ is the highst selling scoot in India

Two reasons have been identified for the low penetration of two wheelers. The first, lack of riding skills among women. The other paucity of reasonably priced products. Also, women are afraid to venture on their own in the absence of training and there are hardly any avenues for scientific learning .

"While there are good motor driving institutes in the country, but no emphasis has been laid on scientific learning. Women are afraid to venture on their own in the absence training. The WOW project is our way of empowering women in rural and semi-urban areas" said Prasad Narasimhan, vice president, marketing, TVS Motors.

Women have an innate affinity for design, style and colours. In a rare initiative, TVS has launched Scooty Pep+ in as many as 99 colours. The launch of so many colours have met with overwhelming response from girls. Encouraged by this response, TVS will launch 99 colours in 20 new cities very soon. This is the first in the world that a automobile company is offering such huge range of customized colours to choose from.

"TVS Scooty has been witnessing consistent increase in sales. In May 2007, it recorded sales of 25,280 units compared to 20,396 units sold during May 2006, recording a growth of 24%. Similarly in April 2007, Scooty recorded 18,798 units in April 2007 compared to 17,969 units recorded last year during the corresponding period, said Narasimhan."

Source:- FinancialExpress


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