Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pink vehicles are hot!

So, you thought you'd bid your adieus to the metrosexual male with the rough 'n' tough back in action. No sir, the feminine streak in the man refuses to die its death and this time round is manifesting itself in the colours men are buying for their vehicles. Thus the pinks, and the yellow , red, orange... and even a purple.

Gaurav Malhotra, a final-year graduation student who wouldn't have been caught dead with anything "girly" on his person not so long ago, is riding his purple scooterette with aplomb.
"I agree that purple is a feminine colour, but boy, does it have people staring at you or what!" exclaims Gaurav ensuring you that it was this zara hat ke effect that made him decide "to go for it" .

For interior designer Sandeep Agarwal however, yeh style ki baat hai. "It's all about style. I find these bright colours quite attractive and energetic.
In fact, my yellow coloured bike adds pleasure to my driving," he says. Of course it was his wife who insisted he buy the colour, but the man admits, "Even though I thought the colour would not complement my personality and make me look awkward, I haven't really regretted the decision."

Well-known automobile designer Dilip Chhabria however sees nothing wrong in men revealing the feminine in them.
"Of late I have noticed that men don't hesitate in buying feminine colours. But what's wrong in that? If a man can get himself a manicure and pedicure and still feel macho, why not buy a bright-coloured vehicle even if it looks like it was meant for a woman?" retorts Chhabria adding, "Mindsets have changed and men are no longer uncomfortable accepting their feminine choices or even flaunting them as style statements."

Informs Rakshit Ahuja, sales manager of a prominent automobile showroom, "Be it pink, purple, red, orange or green - the colours were introduced keeping in mind women buyers. But of late we have noticed that a lot of men are also preferring to buy vehicles in these colours. We're actually keeping more options and models with such colours in our showroom now."

And Shaqib Hussain, a automobile designer adds some colour of his own when he says, "Some of these shades are quite popular with the men too. I've had several clients asking me to revamp and re-paint their vehicles in these colours. They're different, they're bright and they're new, which make them quite the 'in' thing these days."

Source:- Timesofindia.indiatimes