Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Apache RTR 160 Showroom pics

Some points to be noted (pics and comments by

1: The new RTR 160 feels really small now. i mean with rearset foot pegs and clip ons it feels smaller than Apache.

2: Meter console actually looks cheap with RVS racing written on it ..... i know it look good in photograph

3: Accelaration was no were close to my karizma... yeah it was better than Apache 150 but i don't think it will stand a chance in front of Pulsar 180 as claimed .

4: Exhaust note is different than previous apache and little thumpy.


5: Vibrations are much reduced but still too much .

6: Riding position is good for cummuting and racing :D .

7: Didn't ride it much but brakes were not effecting or it was the tyres???

8: Doesn't feel anything different with pedal disc but it had better bite than the pulsar dics, but tyres were losing grip every now and then.... Tvs must do something with those crappy tyres.

9: Fit and finish was too good so the attention to details.

10: overall good Bike for the price (62,750 on-road chennai) and very VFM.


Skywalker said...

Gud job buddy.N nice look of blog too.Kepp it up.
Herez d commercial of 160
Rock On

Antony....... said...

does anyone compare a 225 cc bike (Karizma) with a 160 cc bike while comparing to its price and capacity it eats away all the other rivals ...... its really the best from TVS .

Anonymous said...

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