Thursday, June 28, 2007

Motorcycle engine replica + USB hub

You've got to hand it to Japan: they know how to make a unique gadget. You'd never see something like this USB Engine Hub coming out of America. It's just too nonsensical. But hey, things don't need to always make sense, right? This USB gadget is ideal for people that love gadgets and motors, vehicles, engines and more auto related kit.

SolidAlliance USB Engine Hub is a must have gadget for a bike lover

The SolidAlliance 3-port USB Engine Hub is modeled after a motorcycle engine and has some cool features which include a gear shift, kick starter and faux-engine revving effects which will drive everyone else in the room or office crazy. It rumbles and makes noises just like the real thing. Turn it on and listen to it rumble to life. Hit the throttle to get some more juicy engine noises. It's just like the real thing, sort of. Oh, and it's a USB hub. So you can run your USB gadgets through it if you need some extra ports on your computer. So that's a plus, right? Right. God bless Japan.

The SolidAlliance 3-port USB Engine Hub is now available in Japan for ¥5,250, which is around $43 or Rs 2,000 (approximately). You can also watch the video review in HD format below.