Friday, June 15, 2007

Pulsar 220 and Avenger 200 Delhi launch

Bajaj`s delhi launch of Pulsar 220 is coming closer. So went to new Bajaj pro-biking showroom to see the new Pulsar 220. Suprisingly there was also a Avenger 200. Showroom guys were not allowing to take any pics. So no Avenger 200 pics guys. But i can atleast type down the experience. New probiking showroom is in Vasant Lok, Priya Complex, Sanwitched between two Hero Honda showrooms.

This New showroom has two dynos and a BenQ screen. The showroom is still under construction and they said it will be up by 18th of this month and P220 bookings will start. No info about Avenger 200 launch though.

Pulsar 220 looks awesome in Blue

Coming back to Pulsar 220. It looks fantabulous in flesh and the view is orgasmic. The bike looks so sexy and ready to race. Only 8 bikes are coming to Delhi. So if ur a delhite, u better rush to the showroom on 18th and book ur 220.

Beautiful projector beam

Avenger 200 looks same as present Avenger, only noteable visual changes are:-
1. O-Ring type chain.
2. Front tyre: 90/90(Same as the Pulsar-220).
3. Rear tyre: A massive 130/90 (up from the 120 section(?) of the present Avenger).
4. It looks a little bigger than present avenger and a little more taller.

That is all that has changed(apart from the engine) No LED tail-lamps, no digital speedo, no alloy rims et al though..And yeah, no Fuel-Injection, as Avenger 200 shares the engine with Pulsar 200.

Here are comments from ken sir on the new Showroom:-
"The guy sitting over there, pretended to be very important, which is what most people do the moment they have some power in their hands, his name is Lalit PANDEY. He calls himself Project Manager of the Showroom and behaves at best as a Security Guard.

We walked into the showroom and saw the P220 standing covered under a sheet of plastic and a huge pile of dust. The moment we walked in, this guy started feeling jittery. I asked to have a look. He reluctantly said yes. I removed the plastic sheets. He then took off and put her further inside and started saying, "Now that you have already seen it, why are you hanging around. I have let you see it. Now you can leave." I did not reply. He had already refused that I take photographs. He sounded as if it was some High Tech Nuclear Installation being put up.

In the meanwhile, I did manage surreptitously to take one photograph of the chain of the Avenger 200."
^_^ Thats the only pic of Avenger 200 ken sir could take


Anonymous said...

give credit to wherever u lift info from...

Skywalker said...

Gud work buddy..keep rockin n keep posting ;-)

Yamuna Thekkamalai said...

good job dude! n how come u get the news abt these probiking showrooms and their present bike tests?

AutoFreak said...

@skywalker:- Thanks bro

@yamuna:- thanks buddy, I get all this news from xbhp or other sources :).

@anonymous:- Buddy, i have not "lifted" news from ANYWHERE.