Wednesday, July 11, 2007

World`s First production electric Motorcycle

From early next year, a practical, useable electric motorcycle with decent performance and range is set to go into production in America.

The bike called 'Enertia' is a purpose-made electric bike, officially revealed yesterday (July 10), and due to go on sale in America in the first quarter of 2008.

Official Video

Designed and built by Brammo Motorsports in Ashland, Oregon, the "Enertia" is not simply a conventional bike packed with batteries instead of an engine, but a carbon-fibre-framed, lightweight commuter vehicle designed from the ground-up to be electric.

With a top speed of over 70kmph and a range of 55kms on a three-hour charge, it’s designed to be a viable alternative to a small-capacity commuter bike. Weighing at just 125kg and powered by six lithium-phosphate batteries, a limited-production version will be available in early 2008 at $14,995 (Rs 6.5Lacs ) , and a full production version is set to be offered before the end of next year at $11,995 (Rs 4.8L),.

Initially available only in America, the bike may make its way to India too.