Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mud bike dirt race in Bhopal

It's been raining in Bhopal for three days now, but if you thought that would be a dampener for any outdoor activity then clearly 39 bike freaks of Bhopal disagree.

The Mud Bike Dirt Race wasn't just an adrenalin pumping test of man and machine given the weather conditions, there was also another reason for its organisation.

"This is also a reason to welcome rains here. It was a diffcult 16 km track, laden as it was with natural obstacles at every turn. The real challenge though was the weather which caused the bikes to get stuck. But the riders rose magnificently to the challenge," said Asif, winner, Mud Bike Dirt Race.

"It's not important who wins this race. The main thing is to complete the race, and it's
very difficult," he said.

What was more thrilling was the response of the crowd who went wild and cheered at every hit and a miss. There were a few who were ever ready with a helping hand. The event was also held to promote automobile sports in Bhopal.

"There is a craze for automobiles here. We have organised this rally to encourage more and more young riders," said Sunil, organiser, Suzuki.

Source:- NDTV