Monday, July 02, 2007

More pics of 2008 Hayabusa

New bodywork is tailored for a tucked-in rider, though as before the bike should work well in sport(y)-touring mode. New �Busa gains 7 pounds over the �07 (up to a claimed 485 dry), mainly due to larger-volume, Euro 3-legal, cat-equipped 4-2-1-2 exhaust.

In reality, air isn�t cleaved this cleanly, but you get the idea. New bike is slick.

Clay mockup gets ready to be blasted. Here�s where the hard work of subtly reshaping the �Busa took place.

Natural habitat for the Hayabusa is wide open and lightly patrolled. Like the GSX-R1000, it has three different rider-adjustable engine-management modes.

Pics from Cycleworld