Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Super Duker

Lethal, sedate, scary, sexy, orange, cool, wild, fugly, exotic... these were words that floated around in my little cranial cavity as we pulled near this little monster. And it is little, I kid you not. 'It's just like a Bajaj Pulsar, you know. Some people even think it's those modified Pulsars and my wife and father laughed at me when I traded in my Fireblade for this. They said I was mad' The gentleman saying all of this was Dr Cyres Mehta. An eye-surgeon by profession, he's one of those rare breed of people renowned for their eccentricity, and the motorcycle is even more exotic – it's the KTM Super Duke. And I beg to differ from his wife and his father, because I have my own reasons to doubt this man's sanity. 'It's a S.U.P.E.R D.U.K.E, for crying out loud - it's utterly blasphemous to even utter the P word in the same sentence!' I said to him, before I fastened my helmet strap and tightened my gloves.

Street bikes will never be the same again

The Super Duke is an extremely different motorcycle - different in a... well, different kind of way. It's a naked, it looks exotic, sounds subdued, is totally mad and is tons of fun. Er, not a very coherent description, is it? But what to do, it's true. KTM first had that superb thumper of an engine in form of the LC4 (BSM 06). Then they improvised by taking two LC4s and got themselves the potent LC8, which they put into the 950 Adventure, their first on/off-street offering. And for those who weren't satisfied with that, they took the LC8, grew some hair on its chest, gave it bigger lungs and super sized the whole package to this, the Super Duke............
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