Saturday, August 04, 2007

Resident-Evil K1200R

The Resident Evil genre started life as a video game and soon became a global success story. The first two films – Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Apocalypse – based on the mega videogame sellers of the same name from Capcom have generated a total turnover of over 600 million US Dollars worldwide to date. The third film – Resident Evil: Extinction – is produced by Constantin Film AG and will be released in Europe in September. It sees Alice (Milla Jovovich) once again take up the fight against the evil Umbrella Corporation to try to eliminate the deadly virus that threatens to make every human being ‘undead’.

To commemorate the BMW K 1200 R’s starring role in new action blockbuster Resident Evil: Extinction, BMW Motorrad has unveiled a striking show replica of the machine. The Resident Evil: Extinction show bike is based on the 163 horsepower BMW K 1200 R naked roadster that is ridden by Hollywood actress Milla Jovovich in the new science fiction epic.

Thomas Peter Friedl, Board Member of Constantin Film AG emphasized: "The powerful BMW K 1200 R was chosen for the movie because of its muscular and aggressive appearance, which fits perfectly to Alice’s ass-kicking performance in the movie"

The Resident Evil-inspired show bike features immaculately airbrushed spinal bones on the tank and detailed gold lettering on the fairing to tie in with the theme of the action movie. The stunning paintwork design was originally conceived by a BMW Motorrad project team based in Munich and then talented artist Georg Huber – who is renowned for his delicate airbrushing techniques and unusual custom designs – was commissioned to bring this vision to reality.

Georg first began practicing the art of airbrushing in the Eighties and further developed his talents through the repairing and painting of car bodywork while working for seven years in a garage. He then established his own business creating airbrush and fine art pictures and has since made a name for himself by painting trucks, motorcycles, cars, guitars and even walls.

Georg began working on the Resident Evil: Extinction BMW K 1200 R show bike at the beginning of June. About 50 per cent of the machine’s design was done by airbrush, and the remainder is finished with a fine brush. The complex design took him around three weeks to complete. “The bike took a long time to finish as it was important for me to find the best balance between the colours of the bike and all the paintings from the movie,” explains Georg.

“The first thing I had to do was apply the background paint to the motorcycle and then apply the lettering. However, the biggest job was painting the spinal column of bones on the tank, as it was very detailed. I had to remove the majority of the motorcycle fairing in order to complete the airbrushing. I don’t think that I could have put it all back together again without the help of BMW mechanic Gunther Rehbock!”

Georg’s past projects include creating background paintings for movie companies. His behind-the-scenes experience has also led to him teaching other artists airbrushing techniques in countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. His work is also featured in a number of International airbrush and fine art magazines and there is even a collection of electric and bass guitars featuring his artwork, as well as quite a few record cover sleeves showing his pictures.

The stunning Resident Evil: Extinction BMW K 1200 R is making special appearances at various worldwide events in 2007, and makes its first European public outing at Garmisch-Partenkirchen this weekend for the BMW Motorrad Days festival. The bike will also be visiting the San Diego Comic Con International at the end of July and will be at various events in Las Vegas throughout August. The Resident Evil: Extinction movie is released in Europe on 21 September 2007 .