Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Now pay for 1 litre, drive 700 km

They've got a slow pick-up and can do just 25 kilometers an hour but they carry a price tag that's irresistible. They'll take you 700 kilometres for the price of one litre of petrol and that's what pulls scooter and bike lovers to the e-bike fold.

Orpat will join e-bike makers who believe that if China produces and sells two lakh e-bikes a day, India can do it too. An AC Nielson survey indicates potential for sale of nine lakh e-bikes a year in India.

"We are planning a big project at a cost of around Rs 300-400 crore in Kutch, wherein a combination of new technology will be put in for e-bike. We are planning that plant,” Director of Orpat Group, Jaysukh Patel says.

Electrotherm, which makes Yo Bykes, has begun work to triple its e-bike manufacturing capacity. Although priced higher than traditional two-wheelers, competition is expected to cut 40 per cent off its price tag. Besides, manufacturers are working on faster models and that will put some pace in the market.

“Total number of vehicles are 60-65 million, out of the population of 1,200 million. Present manufacturers are meeting miniscule needs for vehicles,” MD of Electrotherm, Mukesh Bhandari says.

Source:- IbnLive