Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bajaj Launches New Pulsar 200 DTS-i

Few days ago Bajaj launched there all New Pulsar 200 DTS-i. Technical specifications are as follows:-

  • Type Four stroke, Natural air cooled/oil cooled.
  • No. of cylinders One.
  • Bore 67 mm Stroke 56.4 mm
  • Engine displacement 198.8 cc
  • Compression ratio 9.5 *+* 0.5 : 1
  • Idling Speed 1400 *+*100 rpm.
  • Maximum net power 18 Ps (Bajaj figures convert directly to bhp)/13.25Kw
  • Maximum net torque 17.17 Nm/1.75kg
  • Ignition system Digital CDI
  • Ignition Timing 10° 1400 rpm 28° 3500 rpm
  • Fuel Unleaded petrol. Carburettor UCAL MIKUNI BS29
  • Spark Plug : 2Nos. Champion RG4HC (Resistive)
  • Spark plug gap0.6 to 0.8 mm
  • Lubrication Wet sump, Forced
  • Starting Electric Start only
  • Clutch Wet, multidisc type.
  • Transmission 5 speed constant mesh.
  • Primary reduction 3.47 : 1 (66/19)
  • Gear Ratios 1st 26.04 : 1 (36/13) 2nd 17.67 : 1 (32/17) 3rd 12.97 : 1 (29/21) 4th 10.15: 1
  • (26/24) 5th 8.65 : 1 (24/26)
  • Final Drive Ratio 2.71 : 1 (38/14)
  • Frame type Double cradle type.
  • Suspension: Front Telescopic (Stroke - 130 mm.)
  • Rear Trailing arm with coaxial gas assisted hydraulic shock absorbers and coil springs.
  • Brakes:
  • Tyres: 90x90 X 17, 49P, Tubeless
  • Tyre pressure:
  • Rims : Front : 2.50 x 17
  • Fuel tank capacity15 litres.
  • Controls :* Steering Handle bar Accelerator Twist grip type on right hand side of handle bar. Gears Left foot pedal operated Clutch Lever operated on left side of handle bar. Choke Push-Pull knob on carburettor. Brakes Front :Lever operated on right side of handle bar. Rear : Pedal operated by right foot.
  • Length :2035 mm.
  • Width : 750 mm
  • Height :1165 mm.
  • Wheel base :1350 mm.
  • Turning circle radius : 2500 mm.
  • Ground Clearance:165mm.
  • Vehicle kerb weight: 145 Kg
  • Max. total weight : 280 Kg.
  • System 12 Volts (D.C.)
  • Battery 12V 9Ah MF type
  • Head lamp 35/35 W Pilot lamp( 2 nos ,5 W each)
  • Tail/stop lamp LED/LED
  • Turn signal lamp :10 W
  • Turn signal pilot lamp : LED
  • Side stand indicator lamp : LED
  • Hi beam indicator lamp : LED
  • Neutral indicator lamp : LED
  • Speedometer lamp : LCD Display
  • Rear No. plate Lamp : 5 W
  • Horn :12 V DC
  • Maximum speed :130 km/h with single rider (68 kg) (claimed)
  • Price :- 63,019 (ex-showroom) Pune
The above specs are taken from Yahoo Bajaj Pulsar Group.

Hands-On Report:-

The new Pulsar has a very sporty riding position. The handlebar is lowered a bit and foot pegs are also kicked back for sportier riding position. The bike has great acceleration and the acceleration is awesome. We found the vibes to be lower than Pulsar 180 kinda Unicornish. The new split seats (from Pulsar 220) look great and are comfortable.

The switchgear quality is top notch and paint quality is really good and seems like it will last long. The Headlight bulb and the pilot lamps (wolf eys) are white. They are Halonix 35/35W bulb i expected brighter Headlamps. Sadly u cannot put bigger bulbs without any mods as The headlight and pilot lamps are not on battery. They get their power from the alternator.

The bike is loaded with MRF Zapper Tubeless tires 90/90 at front 120/80 at back. The tubeless zappers have great grip. There is a Bigger 260mm disk upfront and a 130mm drum brake on rear. There is no chain cover. The bike uses O`ring sealed chain which promise to last longer than the chain used in other indian bikes.

Those who like Kicking better play Football, there is no Kick starter on this new Pulsar. The only way to start the bike is through Electric start and if the battery dies, u can always push start the bike. There is no harm push-starting a Carburated bike. The engine roars more and exhaust note is better. Company claims the top-whack to be 130km/hr but that can be known only after a full road-test. Watch out for this space and we will be bringing a full road-test soon.

Pics are taken by member Xionite


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